Five simple yet effective weight lose tips

For some people it is just impossible to exercise. They may have a disability or an injury, and hopefully it is something that is not permanent, but still – they need to lose weight without exercise.

There are ways to do this. The most obvious way to lose weight is by changing your diet – less carbs, less sugar, more protein, more water – but there are other ‘ways’ that can help.

Dish up your food on a smaller plate. A smaller plate will make your portion look larger. Of course, don’t just use a smaller plate though – give yourself a smaller portion too.

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Eat slowly and chew your food properly. Chewing your food really well forces you to eat slowly. Eating slowly means you won’t eat as much and you will feel fuller than if you gulped down your food.

Stop buying unhealthy foods. Be strong in the supermarket. Do you really need that slab of chocolate? Or that fabulous looking cheese cake? No, you do not. Don’t buy these things because if you buy them, you will eat them. And don’t buy them for your family either because you know what will happen. By not buying snacks or junk food, your whole family will get healthy.

Focus on your meal. We know this sounds odd but it is true. Savour every mouthful. Try not to eat in front of the television where sometimes you eat and then wonder where the food went. Sit at the table and make every mouthful meaningful. And put your phone away at mealtime too!

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Drink more water. The more water you drink, apart from being healthy, the more full you will feel. Drinking water will help you eat less and lose weight, and will also make your skin shine!

Try and eat at regular times, thereby training your body when it should be feeling hungry. Don’t let your body get so hungry that you go wild and binge. And sleep well. If you don’t get enough sleep certain hormones can get disturbed, causing swings in your appetite.

And eat a lot of fibre. You should try and eat fibre anyway, but especially if you are trying to lose weight without exercise.

All the above are some really good ideas. You’ll feel good and healthy and love the way you can easily fit into your clothes! And if all else failsthere is tried and tested PhenQ!


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