How to lose weight naturally and stay healthy at the same time

how to lose weight naturally

Losing weight fast is the dream of many people, but to achieve this goal some people turn to drugs to lose weight, which are substances that contain chemicals and can cause various side effects. Lose weight fast and naturally is possible, and you will see below some tips that, if followed, will help you to quickly lose those unwanted pounds.

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Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

You do not need much effort. Perform some substitutions on your daily menu and it shall take effect in reducing weight. Check it:

  • Drinks: Give preference to black tea ice cream with the addition of sparkling water and two to three drops of lemon juice rather than soft drinks and / or processed juices.
  • Sauce: Pass to use plain yogurt skim instead of mayonnaise or whipped cream.
  • Pasta: Replace white flour pasta, bread and rice for pasta, rice and whole bread.
  • Sugars: Make it a habit to sweeten your drinks with stevia sweetener instead of refined sugar.
  • Cereals: Give preference to intake oats instead of traditional sugary cereals.
  • Vegetables: In your vegetable menu decrease the potato consumption and increase the intake of chayote.
  • Spices: Season foods with herbs instead of broth and artificial / industrial seasonings.
  • Snacks: These meals replace snacks by dried fruit or salad fruits.
  • Meals: Adopt the habit of making meals for lunch and dinner at home instead of restaurants, steakhouses and cafeterias.
  • Frying x steam: Gradually begin to replace fried foods, foods with sauces and stews by those steamed.
  • Ice cream: Give preference to popsicles and fruit instead of chocolate or other artificial flavors.
  • Candies: Replace sweets, candies, cookies stuffed with fruits and / or popcorn with cinnamon.

To lose weight naturally, one must eat two slices or 30g of white cheese or other cheese with low fat and 60 g of fruit a day. The cheese mixture with the fruit greatly reduces the appetite, making it ideal for critical moments of the day as the afternoon snack or supper (meal after dinner).

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Eating 30g of cheese and 60 g of pear, for example, causes the cheese protein and the combined fruit sugars producing a prolonged feeling of satiety. Do this on a regular basis, always varying the chosen fruit.This simple recipe can help you lose weight and improves intestinal transit.One must keep in mind that to lose weight naturally should be emptied almost daily bowel, drink plenty of water (cold, preferably), feed themselves healthily, 3 in 3 hours and take some kind of physical activity.

To follow a nutritional education is guaranteed that the individual will lose weight naturally. The miracle diets and remedies that have great weight loss can be effective. You can do a weight loss program and establish a realistic overall objective, for example, lose weight 10 kg in 06 months. To make it easier, set small goals, for example, lose weight 1 kg every 15 days.

The above tips can help you lose weight in fast and healthy way, however, each organism behaves in a different way, so it is always important to seek medical advice and other health professionals to create and maintain a healthy weight loss plan.


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