Phen375 avisWe have all had those feelings at some time or another, you look in the mirror at your body and you don't like what you see. This is a natural feeling, everyone wants to be slimmer in order to appear more attractive (it's human nature). Finally, there is a solution to all these feelings of insecurity and “weighing too much”, the answer is Phen375 which is an Alternative to Phentermine. Scientists and experts in the “weight loss arena” have developed this natural fat burner. Trial and error through various methods of testing have allowed this fat burner to emerge as the number one weight loss product on the market today!

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I personally tried the Phe375 product, simply because it sounded too good to be true. I'm not going to lie to you, I thought this was going to be a NEGATIVE  review, I just thought there was no way the promises made on the product's website could come to fruition. Losing huge amounts of weight without fitness? Slimming down without changing dietary habits? Even though going to the gym and staying physically active, along with changing your unhealthy dietary habits while taking this supplement will for sure yield you some better results, it's by no means mandatory to do either of these items! So, that's exactly what I did, I simply took the supplement and continued on with my life (no dietary changes and no increased physical activity.

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This is my first hand experience taking the Phen375 supplement…

First off, within the first week of taking the pills (regularly), I saw my appetite suppress to a level where I really did not even need to eat, but I retained the same amount of energy I had before starting regular use of the supplement. The reason my energy remained the same was because of the revolutionary ingredients that make up this incredible supplement The next thing I began to see is the VERY nice numbers on the scale. Let me explain that a little further, everyday when I would step on the scale to mentally record my weight loss, I weighed less. This was incredible to me, not just because I was losing weight, but also because it was HEALTHY weight loss. For example, when you lose weight too quickly (or gain weight too quickly) it's very strenuous on your body. Therefore, the constant weight loss (a little bit at a time) made me feel very comfortable with the supplement. Overall, I took the supplement for a trial period of one month and lost 17 pounds. Aren’t those awesome results? Yes, I thought so to!

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What's in Phen375?

There are few main ingredients that make up this supplement, every one of these ingredients serves a very valuable purpose to make this supplement the best on the market. The key ingredients are as follows: L-Carnitine, Citrus Aurantium, Trimethylxanthine and Capsaicin. You might be looking at this list of ingredients and thinking, “I have no idea what these are”, don't worry I felt the same way when I first took a look at them. Let me explain how these ingredients aid in the weight loss process…

  • L-Carnitine- this ingredient release body fat into the bloodstream to help you lose weight that has already been stored up while allowing your energy levels to stay consistent. This is the ingredient that makes it possible to work out and increase physical activity without experiencing any serious side effects such as constant fatigue.
  • Citrus Aurantium- this ingredient is a natural stimulant that aids in the weight loss process by allowing your body to “drop weight” and burn calories much quicker than usual. It works by heating your body temperature up a little bit (so little you won't be able to notice it). Without this ingredient, the supplement would not work HALF as well.
  • Trimethylxanthine- here we have another ingredient that makes this supplement so powerful. This ingredient is the actual appetite suppressor. It works by tricking your brain (and stomach) into thinking that you are full, even if you haven't consumed much food. When it comes to weight loss, the less you consume, the more weight you will lose (it really is a simple equation).
  • Capsaicin- this is a very interesting ingredient. Reason being, it actually accomplishes two goals. First, it helps promote circulation to aid your body in “circulating” the other ingredients of Phen375 throughout your body (ensuring that the weight loss is evenly dispersed). This ingredient also increases your body temperature to help you burn more calories throughout the day. It has been reported that this ingredient alone helps you burn an additional 270 calories!

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Pros and Cons of this supplement.

Let's start with the cons, honestly I could only think of one major downside, so let's get it out of the way! you're supposed to take this supplement twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once at lunchtime. What you don't want to do is accidentally take the second pill to late, reason being, it will keep you up and you will have a tough time sleeping.

Now let's get to the pros…

The first major pro is an overall increase in energy. You will notice about 15 minutes after you take the supplement that you want to get up and start moving around, the energy boost this provides is quite impressive. Instead of having that cup of coffee at lunch to keep you going, just take your second pill and you will be just as energetic (if not more)!

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The next “pro” is the appetite suppressing power this supplement possesses when I was taking the supplement, I could literally go hours on hours without even thinking about eating food. Especially foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars, cravings for these types of food are completely eliminated!

The last pro I will mention here (way too many to list) is the fact that this supplement really works! The weight loss industry is flooded with “snake oil salesman” that simply push products to make their wallets fatter, it's all it takes is one bottle of Phen375 for you to understand the power of this supplement!

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